05.09.16. Linen wings come out with specially hand crafted designs for Spring 2016.
14.04.16. Balavigna Weaving Mills Launched a home linen brand " LINEN WINGS "

The significance of 8
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1) on MATHMATICS: 8 is an amalgamated number, Its real divisors being 1, 2, but 4. Eight is an energy of two, truly two cubed. it does not take first cubed prime. 8 is the bottom of the octal number system, Which is mostly used in combination with computers. around octal, One digit symbolizes 3 bits. In modern techniques, A byte is a collection of eight bits, identified as an octet. Sphenic details (A positive integer which is the product or service of three distinct prime numbers) also have exactly eight divisors. 8 is the dimension of the octonions and is optimum dimension of a normed division algebra. 2) IN science: There are eight known B vitamins that play important roles in cell fat burning capacity. All bumblebees, And more generally all arachnids, Have eight th

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